I’ve been called an “outlier.” Lucky. I was at the right place at the right time. My life isn’t typical, and you shouldn’t expect the same thing to happen to you. I’m an exception to the rule.

Fuck that. What “rule” are they talking about anyway?

I believe in making things happen. In taking chances, leaping in, and seeing where you land. Because if you never jump (or climb, or run, or dive), you’ll always be in the exact same place. And there’s no fun in that.

Oh, I’m Allison by the way. A contagious optimist, a free spirit, a habitual risk-taker. I’m also mama to Nico (4) and Luca (2), wife to Alejandro, owner to a little mutt called Ema and a runner of every trail I can find.



I’m a native New Yorker, but about 8 years ago Alejandro and I packed up our things and drove out to the sunnier skies of Oakland, California. This is now where we call home, and where in 2011 I co-founded a mac and cheese restaurant called Homeroom. Yup, all mac and cheese. My friend and I quit our corporate jobs and poured our entire life savings into following our crazy dream of opening a restaurant.


This is not a parenting blog (though I may talk about my kids sometimes), it’s not an adventure blog (but I do go on some awesome adventures), and it’s not a business blog (but work may come up from time to time). I haven’t labeled this thing yet. But I can tell you this: I want to inspire you. Motivate you. Prove to you that you can do great things. Because it’s hard. Sometimes really hard, and oftentimes really scary. Holding steady is easy. We convince ourselves that things aren’t so bad, that we can tolerate our current situations or that we aren’t good enough to make things happen. And besides, it’s better than the unknown, right?


Well, you may never know. But maybe I can help just a little, and maybe you can help a little. Because I’m not perfect. And I don’t want to be. I just know that days are fleeting, and I want mine filled with emotion, adventure, family, and contentment. No wishing for something bigger or better. Because if I really want something to happen, you better believe I’m going to do it.

Contact me at allisonvalo@gmail.com.

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I'm allison. I made some great things happen in my life. And, some not so great. But I believe in finding your path, and running fast to catch your dreams. Because you don't get anywhere standing still.

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  • Hope no one on the campground wanted to sleep past 7 today! @autocamp #glamping #airstream #guerneville #outdoorkids #redwoods
  • When it's 105 degrees outside, you drink beer and splash in a fountain #guerneville @hopmonktavern #heatwave #russianriver
  • Autocamp! It's like camping, but with air conditioning, showers and beds. @autocamp 
So it's not at all like camping. #autocamp #airstream #guerneville #glamping
  • I run because it clears my head. I run because it helps me feel good about myself, like I accomplished something big before the rest of the world even got out of bed. I have two young boys, I don't sleep well, but still, I got up at 6am to run and catch the sun rise over the hills. I can be proud of that.
  • It's 33 degrees. We're on vacation. Everyone is asleep. And I cannot wait to get up and go for a run, to catch the sunrise over the ocean. It was so worth it.

I haven't posted in a while. Other things have been holding my attention. But soon. As soon as the dust settles, I'll tell you all about it. .
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  • So happy we forced ourselves, and the kiddos, off the couch to enjoy a beautiful sunset hike. .
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