November 2016

Don’t Let Bullies Win


Some days it seems inevitable. Especially these foggy, gloomy days. Bullies just keep getting their way. They push, they pressure, they get ahead by making you feel really shitty about yourself. If you hear it for long enough, you believe it. Maybe you are not as smart or deserving as they are. Maybe they’re right, and you need […]


Easy, salty, autumn salad with mixed seeds


How was everyone’s weekend? Good? Did you sleep in until 11, lesuirely sipping coffee and reading the paper in bed? Or maybe you were nursing a hangover after a wild all-nighter. Did you sleep in a tent? Or hike up that summit you’ve been talking about? Oh wait – do you have young kids? Yes? Nevermind, […]


How to be the perfect working parent


You’re curious, right? I bet you’re already shaking your head, thinking I’m about to school you on packing bento box lunches with salmon and quinoa, or pinterest-worthy craft projects so I can show off my child’s advanced artistic prowess. Yeah, that’s not me. I have no guide on how to be an awesome working parent (sorry, I […]